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  • Music video of “Jesus Is All the World to Me” by Weimar College Nursing Students.

    After the December 2 incident, Amanda’s theme song has become “Jesus is All the World to Me.” A group of nursing students from Weimar College made a video of themselves singing this hymn to encourage Amanda. We hope you are blessed by this beautiful song as well. Click on the link below to watch the video.


    Jesus is all the world to me / My life, my joy, my all / He is my strength from day to day / Without Him I would fall/ When I am sad, to Him I go / no other one can cheer me so / When I am sad, He makes me glad / He’s my friend.

    Jesus is all the world to me / My friend in trials sore / I go to Him for blessings, and / He gives them o’er and o’er / He sends the sunshine and the rain / He sends the harvest’s golden grain/ Sunshine and rain, harvest of grain / He’s my friend.

    Jesus is all the world to me / And true to Him I’ll be / O how could I this Friend deny / When He’s so true to me? / Following Him I know I’m right / He watches o’er me day and night / Following Him by day and night / He’s my friend.

    Jesus is all the world to me / I want no better friend / I trust him now, I’ll trust Him when / Life’s fleeting days shall end / Beautiful life with such a Friend / Beautiful life that has no end / Eternal life, eternal joy / He’s my friend.


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  • Peace for the Storm Now Has a YouTube Channel!

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    Did you know we have a YouTube channel now? We are sharing music videos of hymns that have been featured on Peace for the Storm designs. You can follow us by visiting https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3qaiUcXr9xTfPeyafoiKfA and clicking on the subscribe button. You must be logged into Gmail/Google in order to subscribe from a desktop/laptop computer. If using the app for YouTube, just click the red button which says Subscribe.