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  • All Things Were Made Through Him.

    Peace for the Storm Quotes - All Things Were Made Through Him

    All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

    — John 1:3 (NKJV) —

    The following free verse poem was written by a friend who wishes to be known as R.S. He has generously contributed this poem to Peace for the Storm.

    The God that I know,
    The God who has revealed Himself to me through His holy Word,
    The God who surrendered His Son’s life on the cross, so I could have eternal life,
    The God who gave me free will,
    The God who created me in His image and likeness,
    The God who spoke all things into existence,
    The God who so loved the world,
    The Creator of heaven and earth,

    Is a God of substance.
    Is a God of consequence.

    I live because His breath is inside me.
    I know because His word is inside me.
    I believe because His truth is inside me.

    I am His temple.
    I am His bride.
    I am His child.
    I am His church.

    This is my faith.
    This is my hope.
    This is my salvation.
    This is my strength.
    This is my resurrection.
    This is my rising sun.
    This is my evidence.

    I will not be shaken, for I trust the Lord more than I fear the storm.